Top 50 Songs of 2017.

so I basically forgot this blog even existed until about thirty seconds before writing this post, so I thought I would share a little list of my greatest songs from 2017. In all honesty I think chart wise, 2017 has been a god awful year for music… but here we go anyway!

50. Enrique Iglesias, Sean Paul & Matt Terry – Subeme La Radio

this song was a banger, honestly it’s about one hundred times better than Despacito. I loved it from the second I heard it, and it made me love it a whole lot more when Mollie and AJ danced a Salsa to it on Strictly Come Dancing… because frankly, it was incredible.

49. Imagine Dragons – Believer

my friend Chloe will be so proud of me for including this song in my highlights of the year, but I need to give a nod to Riverdale for introducing me to this song. I genuinely think its such an incredible song and Dan Reynolds’ voice is bloody amazing.

48. Lorde – Green Light

so I never really understood the Lorde hype in 2013 when Royals was around, but her musical comeback really did start off with a bang for me! Green Light gave me everything I never knew I needed – it gives me odd vibes of the kind of music Kate Bush would release if she were a modern artist.

47. RuPaul – Kitty Girl

I don’t have enough words to express my disappointment that Kitty Girl wasn’t given what it deserved in the form of being used for the finalists music video challenge on Season 9 of Drag Race (although without Valentina they could have kept it anyway). I literally adore this song so bloody much.

46. Niall Horan – On The Loose

you’ll understand why this song is here from the first ten seconds. go listen to it. now.

45. Camila Cabello – Crying in the Club

leaving Fifth Harmony was the greatest decision Camila ever made. this song and the video and absolutely everything was the perfect start to her solo career which literally screamed how much of a solo star she is ready to be. the Genie in a Bottle hook was such a bloody amazing idea from Sia, and it breaks my heart that Camila’s leaving this off her debut album.

44. Halsey (feat. Lauren Jauregui) – Stangers

LGBT anthem that deserved so much better. the fact Halsey only wanted another LGBT artist to duet with her is so iconic. the beat of the song is so bloody good. Lauren’s voice actually gets to be showcased for once and this song really did deserve more recognition.

43. Calvin Harris (feat. Katy Perry, Pharrell & Big Sean) – Feels

all I have to say is that I think I sung the words ‘everybody gets feels’ about a million times during the last few months.

42. The Chainsmokers and Coldplay – Something Just Like This

this song is so generic and sounds almost identical to every single Chainsmokers song, but I just can’t help but adore this song. I listened for about three days straight when it first came out.

41. Grace Davies – Too Young

don’t get me wrong, I like Rak-Su but Grace and them shouldn’t be put in the same caliber of ‘songwriter’ because this song is absolutely beautiful and has such a meaning. Too Young made me feel so much and her voice adds so much more emotion to it. I really hope she does well because she really is bloody talented.

40. Una Healy – Alarm Bells

the studio version is one thing, but Una Healy live is an experience. she puts everything into her performances and her little rambley stories before each song genuinely adds a lot.

39. Ed Sheeran and Beyonce – Perfect Duet

I’m really not the biggest Ed fan, but this is proof that EVERYTHING Beyonce touches turns into solid pop gold. her voice on this is… well.. perfect.

38. Michael King – Repeat

couldn’t do this list without slipping this little beauty in the list somewhere could I? well I genuinely do actually love this song, and in case you was wondering the follow up to this is coming in really early 2018… so keep you eyes peeled. 

37. Rita Ora – Anywhere

the chorus is so good, like it’s so unique and fab. it sucks that it was robbed of ever charting at number one by that god awful Rockstar.

36. Anton Powers & Pixie Lott – Baby

summer anthem that makes me want to drive around in a convertible. also reminds me of Disneyland because Planet Hollywood in Paris played it about thirty times in the course of my dinner.

35. Take That – Giants

it’s so different to anything out there at the moment, it again sucks that this didn’t find success whilst shit dominated the charts once again.

34. Steps – Scared of the Dark

the pop comeback we all needed, and it didn’t disappoint.

33. Tinashe – Flame

WHY DOES EVERYBODY CONTINUE TO SLEEP ON TINASHE!? she continues to release such incredible music that just doesn’t get as big as it deserves to be, future queen of r&b.

32. Vanessa White – Good Good

genuinely couldn’t tell you if I prefer the original or the acoustic version, but Vanessa truly is the queen of vocals and both her EP’s are full of bops.

31. Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me

the only decent thing Selena released this year, but it was an amazing piece of music. 

30. CNCO & Little Mix – Reggaeton Lento (Remix)

2017 was the year of Latin music taking over the UK and of course Little Mix were ready to slay the game. Jesy Nelson also set the entire video on fire.

29. Nadine Coyle – Go To Work

Nadine’s pop comeback was iconic, Xenomania’s comeback has been iconic, why the hell didn’t this pop gem do better? y’all have no taste.

28. Avicci (feat. Rita Ora) – Lonely Together

I’m really not Rita Ora’s biggest fan, but the woman popped out the hits like no tomorrow this year! what a holy bop. her Strictly performance was also a smash.

27. AAA Girls – AAA

so essentially this song is dreadful, but equally its bloody incredible. it is so catchy, so camp, so cheesy… it’s bloody everything tbh. 

26. Niall Horan – Slow Hands

Niall did that. Niall made this incredible anthem. Niall is the greatest solo One Direction member and this is not up for discussion. The guitar riffs and effects on the vocals literally make this so bloody iconic.

25. Zedd & Alessia Cara – Stay

Alessia Cara can literally do everything, please go listen to her debut album because it is a masterpiece. Stay is such a different genre for her, but holy balls does she know how to rock it?! The second this comes on in Przym I am on my feet and 110% ready for the night. what an anthem.

24. Vanessa White – Running Wild

sexual r&b queen. vocal queen. everything queen.

23. Cast of La La Land – Another Day of Sun

the greatest opening scene to any musical in all of creation.

22. Katy Perry (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Swish Swish

all in all, this year has been painful for Katy Perry. like it has genuinely hurt to watch her crash and burn her way through the year when she’s been such an icon for the past nine years… but Swish Swish was a diamond in a sea of shit. Swish Swish deserved to be such a monster hit… but y’all brought into LWYMMD instead.

21. Camila Cabello (feat. Young Thug) – Havana

from the moment I first heard Havana I adored it, she has flew up the charts and established herself as a successful solo artist so fast, her album is going to slay.

20. Little Mix – Power

from ‘motorbike’ to Perrie’s high notes and having the AAA Girls in the music video, everything about Power was perfect. Power is also such an experience live. Little Mix always deliver and NEVER disappoint.

19. The Vamps – Sad Song

I have literally been saying since Night & Day was released, that I would do a mash-up cover of Sad Song and Starving because their identical guitar riff makes me so bloody happy. This song is so cute and should have been a single tbh. 

18. Geri Halliwell – Angel in Chains

the greatest Spice Girl’s comeback single… how. beautiful. her tribute to George Michael is honestly so sweet, and her voice sounds so incredible on this track. I literally pray that Geri is going to release a new album and continue this comeback. Ginger Spice ftw.

17. Niall Horan – Too Much To Ask

I literally wanted to cry the first time I heard this. it is so beautiful and Niall’s voice sounds so bloody pure and just I have no words for the amount I adore it.

16. Una Healy – Battlelines

should have been released as the lead single over Stay My Love to be honest. if Battlelines had been promoted properly then I genuinely believe it could have found chart success, its so catchy and such an amazing Pop/Country song. 

15. Dua Lipa – New Rules (Initial Talks Remix)

I don’t even need to explain why this is so high up. if you haven’t heard it then please just go and do so immediately. thanks.

14. Mike Perry, The Vamps & Sabrina Carpenter – Hands

once again The Vamps inability to promote caused them to sleep on another potential hit. this song is perfect. every single verse is amazing and the chorus is so catchy. Sabrina and Brad’s voices compliment each other so nicely… why can’t The Vamps remember to promote their material? it’s so frustrating.

13. Cashmire Cat (feat. Ariana Grande) – Quit

this song is perfect. Ariana is perfect. all there is to it.

12. Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling – A Lovely Night


11. Louis Tomlinson (feat. Bebe Rexha) – Back To You

the second greatest song with this title ever (of course second to Mollie King). I’ve never been Louis biggest fan, and I probably would have said he was my least favourite in One Direction, but you can’t deny how bloody incredible Back To You is. literally had it stuck in my head for weeks!

10. Cast of La La Land – Someone in the Crowd

I literally adore this song, and the scene in La La Land where Mia walks out of the bathroom, then the instrumental kicks back in with everything in the snow and slow motion… literally makes the hairs on my neck stand on edge. I love it so much.

9. Matt Terry – Sucker for You

why can’t you all support him? why did y’all have to let this and his album flop? Matt Terry is so bloody talented, like have you heard his voice? Sucker For You is such an amazing song, it took me a couple of listens to find myself liking it – but once I did, I was obsessed. 

8. Cheat Codes (feat. Demi Lovato) – No Promises

Demi has basically been queen of the ex acts this year hasn’t she? No Promises was my summer anthem this year, sitting on the train and sweating like hell with this on… that was my summer 2017 and No Promises just reminds me of that beautiful heat.

7. Julia Michaels – Issues

this is one of my favourite songs of all time to sing, I love the beat and the lyrics and her voice. I really hope she continues to have chart success.

6. Little Mix – Is Your Love Enough?

if this isn’t released as a single, then there is something drastically wrong with this entire bloody planet. I literally cannot find a single thing about the song which I don’t like. it’s the stand out track from Glory Days platinum edition and I just can’t express how phenomenal it is.

5. Lady GaGa – The Cure

so recently I’ve been so unfazed by GaGa, and I wasn’t really keen on the entire Joanne era… but she really brought her icon status back when she released The Cure. it’s my joint favourite Lady GaGa song (with Judas) and I remember being sat on my bed the day this came out and listening to it for about three hours without a break. I’m still not even sick of it… deserved to top every bloody chart.

4. Little Mix – Touch

the only thing that knocks Touch even a tiny bit… is that god awful music video. Touch is a musical masterpiece. the production is so slick, the backing track and beat is so bloody catchy and I assure you that there isn’t a single person not singing along when this comes on when on a night out.

3. Niall Horan (feat. Maren Morris) – Seeing Blind

this is the stand out track from Flicker, I don’t know what it is about it but I just love it. since going solo and heading down a slightly folky pop route, Niall’s voice just comes across so much stronger and unique which can be heard so clear in Seeing Blind. 

2. Una Healy – Please Don’t Tell Me

the entire chord structure and way Una uses her voice throughout the song have me hanging on her every bloody word. when she sing ‘I can see my life without, you and I… it haunts me in my dreams’ please just listen to the way she sings it because I can’t even explain what it is about the way its sung, but its just bloody perfect. 


1. Mollie King – Hair Down

if you started reading this list and know me at all, I doubt that you’ll be surprised to see this sat on the top. everything about Hair Down is pure pop perfection; the artwork is so beautiful, the music video is bloody stunning and the song itself is perfect. Mollie King honestly is the ultimate pop star. ‘pleased to meet your barbershop quartet, but that means you obviously ain’t getting any sex’ are the greatest lines to be sung in a pop song since Mollie herself also sung ‘he already had the milk so why would he go buy the cow?’ in 2013. I wish Mollie had promoted Hair Down because it genuinely could have been such a hit, but Strictly has opened so many doors and I am so bloody excited for Mollie’s debut album next year.



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