Hmm… it’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I’ve even considered writing a blog post, mostly because I guess I hadn’t found much that would actually give me anything to write about, but over the past three/four weeks I think I’ve equally gained some knowledge I wish to give out and also just update anybody who feels interested on what’s been going on with my life because I feel like I’ve been more quiet than usual on the social media front.

The last few weeks have been a real mixture of different emotions and I’ve literally done so much. I’ve been to London, Birmingham and Leeds all in the space of three weekends which was a hoot, I got to be reunited with some of my best friends (Tovia, Lauren, Carly, Ella, Brodie and Alice), I met The Vamps and went to see Little Mix… so actually yeah I’ve kept myself pretty damn busy. I’m aware a lot of people on twitter picked up on the fact something was up with me about three weeks ago, I mean I’m not going to go into what it was because honestly it’s something I’d rather not talk about, but I promise that now I’m honestly fine. In reflection I did lots that would usually be ‘out of character’ from myself, I basically just ran away to Leeds for a week, drank a lot of alcohol (which I never actually do because I’m pretty boring) and completely went off eating. What I’ve learnt from this experience, is to never become reliant on other people, you have to rely on yourself. You need to be the reason that you smile in the morning, look in the mirror and reflect on the things that YOU have gotten yourself (your friends, family, education, etc.) and realise that people will come and go, people will break their promises (no matter how many times they ‘promise’ they won’t) and remember all the positive qualities about yourself that actually make you different from other, the qualities that other people see in you and will miss about you.

Music wise I know I’ve been a little quiet, but I’m excited to say that I’m recording my first ever original song called ‘That Hurt The Most’ next weekend with the help of my friend and ex band mate Jack Williams (so in the space of  a month Mack and Movia have been reunited which is fun). Its the first song that I’ve ever actually sat and written by myself which I actually really enjoyed and hopefully you’ll all be able to hear it very soon!

I also wanted to say thank you for every single bit of support you all give me, the ‘#MichaelIsAmazingBecause’ made me so ridiculously happy and I really enjoyed meeting a few of you in Maidstone last weekend!

I promise to write a bit more and more regularly.


all the best

Michael! x