maybe this can help?


well it feels like a million years since I’ve written one of these, in a way I guess you could say I’ve just been slightly distracted by life because in the last month everything has changed really… I mean I am still the same sarcastic self I’ve always been but circumstances have changed.

I went through a small period that most people have been through where they just judge everything about themselves and I was kind of left thinking that I had no idea who I was nor what I wanted… I think I know now. Being happy is obviously something that everyone struggles and thrives to be, it’s never going to be easy because then you wouldn’t enjoy the outcome half as much without that struggle. I’d say the key to being happy is to surround yourself with only the people that make you the happiest, if you’re holding onto someone for their sake or just ‘to be nice’ when all they do is hurt you then you need to let go (something I definitely still need to learn) because in the last month I’ve really decided who benefits my life and they’re the people who matter.

The main thing I really wanted to write about is body/self confidence, most people think that men in particular don’t struggle with this and it’s generally a female struggle but it really can effect anybody, I could write the same cliche advice that is typed on 99% of blog posts which would be ‘learn to love yourself, love the little things and don’t listen to what other people think’ but I know so well how dumb that ‘advice’ is and honestly I wish it was that easy. I’m going to write about the two things I feel most insecure about and what I’m doing to help so I’m hoping maybe that advice can be adjusted accordingly to fit anybodies circumstances.

My skin is something I really hate, we all edit and filter our photo’s to make us feel happier about how we look but you can’t add a re-touch filter to a mirror or reality, I hate having to look at my reflection or in my camera and just see how my skin looks… there’s been days where I’ve literally wanted to stick a bag on my head with just small eye and mouth holes cut out but I think that would draw even more attention to myself than I’d be comfortable with… I try to follow every advice page google has to offer; I watch my food, drink water and use pharmacy recommended facial scrubs twice a day but although it fluctuates between bearable and terrible, nothing ever really clears it up so I’ve gone to the doctors and gotten some prescribed antibiotic cream that should clear it up within two to three months. so my advice would be if you struggle with your skin, go see your doctor (again its taken me so long to get the courage to do it because honestly knowing someone is going to sit opposite you and actually confirm ‘yeah your skin is pretty bad’ is a scary and painful thought).

my second thing to discuss really is body confidence, I don’t have any ‘advice’ really to give here because nothing anybody can say will ever change how you feel… but all I can say is never let anybody stay in your life who makes you feel worse about yourself than usual because the people who are in your life are the thing you do have power over.

Like I said, i didn’t really have much to say on that topic but yeah… that’s all really but a small update is that I think music wise everything is going on a small hold until the new year but then in 2016 it’ll be exciting and new and full steam ahead.



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