just thank you so much


I don’t think I can formulate into words how incredible the last nine months of my life have been, I’ve gone from being nothing to having achieved so much. Firstly I want to say thank you to Tovia, Jack and Chloe because the three of them helped create something really special and gave me the confidence to perform in front of people which is something before Fourth Divide I hadn’t done since I was eleven. I remember the first time we met on February 19th in London, it was freezing and raining but we managed to record our first cover together… after that everything began falling into place with gigs and recording etc.

when Chloe ‘left’ we thought we had little choice but we grew so much stronger and worked so much harder, we got more gigs and recognition and Jack and Tovia taught me so much about my voice that I never knew and gave me so much confidence, they’re two incredible people that I think I’ll always be lucky enough to call my best friends.

with Tovia and Jack I can honestly say that I have shared some of the best experiences ever with. Jack was always like an older brother figure to me in the way he kind of looked after me and taught me so much about music, my voice and myself. Tovia is like a twin really, I’ve never met someone that I’ve felt so comfortable with and that is so different yet somehow the exact same because with her there’s never been a moment I’ve thought I don’t want this girl in the rest of my life because I practically spend 99% of my life on the phone to her. Some things I never thought would be possible before these two, receiving the support we have and being able to travel so much to places like Manchester and Leeds to perform and going on our school tour were things I thought I could only dream of.

It’s so strange that it’s over but I guess it’s given me so much confidence yet somehow I feel back at square one, hopefully you all still stay with me and I’ll never take for granted any opportunity because life’s too short not to enjoy every single incredible moment.

all the best and love always
Michael x

(p.s. just thank you for everything)


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