clingy is good – learn that before you fuck it up

note for everybody to write down, CLINGY IS GOOD!

I think something I’ve learn recently is I’m that kind of person that ‘feels deep, hard and fast’ now that could sound sexual if you have a dirty mind but most will know the base of this phrase, that if I like someone (relationship or friendship really) then I get really attached and yeah.

I’ve let people slip away because I used to think clingy was annoying/bad but actually wouldn’t you rather KNOW that someone likes you than be unaware? I’m that kind of person who I want to sit on the phone for hours too you even if we sit in silence because comfortable silence is great. even calling someone and just enjoying someone’s voice is fucking goals. so if you find someone who you just want to talk to and all that mentioned previously then really don’t let them go, I can make my mind up about how I feel about someone within a week or two, some call it ‘thinking too fast’ but I think of it as knowing my own mind and not waiting around to make theses decisions of how I feel.

Away from a romantic elements luckily through everything I found the greatest friend I could ever imagine to wish for in my little Tovia because honestly we’ve been through absolutely everything together and we’ve got so much planned together. I basically spent 99% of my time on the phone to Tovia like we even fall asleep on the phone together and it makes me so happy, everything FD is coming together nicely and can’t wait for you guys to know everything that’s going on VERY soon but for now just know that you’re gonna love it and Movia ftw.

all the best

Michael x


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